Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and upholsteries are great collectors of dust dirt and allergens - luckily, so are we! 20th Century provides cleaning services for Edmonton's carpets and upholsteries.  As a flood and fire restoration company, we know how to bring carpets and upholsteries back to life!

If you're a home owner or business owner, clean carpets and upholsteries not only help your place look great, but it can also improve your health.

Cleaning Process for Carpets & Upholsteries

We bring by breaking up substances that have become worked in to the fibres by using a pre-wash spray that is safe for humans and the environment.  The safest, most effective way to clean and sanitize it through a steam clean extraction method.  Our truck-mounted, steam cleaning system heats up to around 125 degrees Celsius.  Backed by 500 pounds per square inch of steam, this deep, steam clean kills bacteria, pulls out stains and neutralizes odours.  We are able to effectively  clean and sterilize approximately 1,000 sq ft per hour.

Stain Guards for Fabrics

Following the steam clean and extraction, we can apply a fabric stain guard which will help prevent future staining problems.

Odour Control

Even if an area is spotless, a lingering odour may still be present.  For these tough jobs, we use an ozone and fog process to neutralize the odours.  Ozone works by attaching extra oxygen to the odour's molecule chain, thus neutralizing the smell.

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