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For flood affected structures, quick action can help avoid further structural damage, loss of valuables and mementos, as well as prevent the formation of mold and mildew...

Carpets and upholsteries are great collectors of dust dirt and allergens - luckily, so are we! 20th Century provides cleaning services for Edmonton's carpets and upholsteries...

Within as little as 72 hours after a flood, mold and mildew can form in carpets, upholstery and paper materials such as photos. Once mold has formed it can be difficult to remove...

Within a few short moments, a fire can cause great destruction in your home, business or warehouse. Although the fire may last just a few short moments...

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Asbestos fibres are very small and the hazard is if these fibres become airborne they can have the opportunity to become lodged in the lungs and they do not dislodge.

Mold spores are much like seeds; they can lay dormant for long periods and only begin the growth with introduction (reintroduction) of moisture.

Floods are the most costly natural disasters in Canada in terms of property damage. They can occur in any region and at virtually any time of the year.


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